Public Speaking

This section of the site has a series of articles about public speaking.

Each article looks at the subject from a different angle, so you can understand it better and come to love it.

It's very hard to stay afraid of something you understand well. So enjoy reading these articles, and learn more about speaking than most people will ever know.


Some Very Important Numbers

This article shows you the statistics you absolutely must know about, to end your speaking fears.

The Shocking Benefits Of Speaking In Public!

This article takes a slightly tongue in cheek look at the many, many payoffs of speaking well.

What Does Public Speaking Mean?

This article shows why this is one of the most important questions you need to ask. When you answer it properly you're well on the way to being free of fear.

A List Of Speaking Activities

This article has a long list of different types of speaking you can get involved in. You'll see there are plenty of ways for you to practice, to helpo you get over your fears.

The Importance Of Speaking In Public.

Why is it so important that you master the fear and develop the ability to speak in front of groups of people?

Online Presentation Software

You don't have to buy software to make slideshows for presentations anymore! You can quickly find out what's available and which ones don't work!

Some Cool New Software

Check out the short video showing off an exciting new presentation program. It looks like giving Microsoft Powerpoint a run for its money!

Presentation Skills Training

A useful list of the skills you need to present well.

Public Speaking Courses

A look at 4 incredibly different types of course, including one absolutely brilliant one.

A Simple Curriculum.

A straightforward syllabus to study to end your fear of speaking for ever.

A Rich History

An overview of the history of orators down through the ages.

The Elements Of Speaking.

Understand the elements of a good speech or presentation so you'll always be ahead of the game in preparing your own talks.

Watch Some Inspirational Cutting Edge Talks Here

We all need a little inspiration sometimes. Watch some of these amazing talks and start putting together your own.

Listen To Some Of The Most Famous Examples Of Speaking

See if you can work out why these words, above all others, stand out as the most memorable of the 20th Century.

Great American Speeches

What you can learn from them.

Leadership Speech

Two powerful lessons. Two inspirational leaders. Two people who knew how to speak when others needed leadership.

Get The Facts About Speaking

Blow away the myths. These lies about speaking might just be causing you some trouble.

Great Quotes

"Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."

Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays (1950), "Outline of Intellectual Rubbish" British author, mathematician, & philosopher (1872 - 1970)

Get rid of the fear of speaking by reading the words of the wise.

Instant Audience Feedback

Learn about some interesting technology for getting an immediate response from your audience.

Even More Great Quotes

More quotes to help you build confidence when you speak.

With the information here you'll quickly become more knowledgeable than most about the topic and that can build a lot of confidence.

You'll also hopefully start the process of falling in love with the power of the spoken word.

Enjoy the treasure hunt!

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