Public Speaking Facts

Public Speaking Facts to dispel the myths, half-truths and downright lies that people are led to believe.

Public Speaking Fact Number 1: You Only Fear Public Speaking Because You Believe Things That Aren't Facts!

There's so much spoken and written about Beliefs these days in the self-help world, and almost all of it suggests that they are the answer to all your problems.

I say they are the problem!

People that are afraid of public speaking are people who believe stuff that isn't true.

Beliefs are opinions right? Things that you hold to be true. But they may not be facts (no matter how worked up you get about them).

To put it more graphically ...

Opinions are like armpits ... everyone's got them and most of them stink!

Certainly true of public speaking isn't it? How do we know? Most people say they are afraid of it. Therefore there is some very smelly thinking going on out there.

So that's the first and most important Public Speaking Fact - stick to the facts and question everything else.

Public Speaking Fact Number 2: You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

How can I be so confident on this one?


You created your fear so you must therefore be able to get rid of it.

That's because 'It' in this case is simply a mind-made idea such as 'I hate public speaking' or 'I'm scared of public speaking'.

One of a squillion ideas you have had so far in your lifetime.

Now ... who decides which ideas to hang on to, and which ones to simply ignore like a bad chat-up line in a bar?

That would be you wouldn't it.

Through Understanding, Love and Practice you, just like everyone else who's done it, will inevitably overcome any fear of public speaking.

If you disagree by the way I'd love to hear from you. Please Contact Us and I will personally take on the challenge of transforming you from a skeptic to a testimonial for this site!

Public Speaking Fact Number 3: Great Public Speakers Are Made Not Born

How many times have you heard the nonsensical, opposite idea?

Just go to the maternity ward and ask if you could have a quick chat with the Mums of the born public speakers.

You'll probably get invited to another ward, with nice padded walls on the rooms.

Because the simple fact is that everyone at some point in their lives, needs to learn how to speak in front of a group.

Now I'm not saying that the process is the same for everyone. Obviously your own eyes and ears will tell you that's not true.

Some people do seem to be better at it with less effort than others.

I would suggest that those who take to it and shine are the ones that haven't been infected by the 'beliefs' that the herd seems to be so attached to. Rubbish like 'Public speaking is hard' or 'You're either good at it or not'.

I can almost hear the whining from here, can't you. :)

Don't succumb ... stick to the facts.

Public Speaking Fact Number 4: Your Audience Expects You To Be Imperfect

Hah! You thought the opposite didn't you!

Isn't that a relief?

You know why they expect you to be imperfect?

Because they expect you to be a human being.

They're not expecting a robot or a hologram or a Jedi master or an error-free software program.

They're expecting something just like them.

So don't disappoint them!

Public Speaking Fact Number 5: You Can Use Whatever Props You Like

Of course you can use notes!

Just use them well.

Of course you can use Powerpoint. Just use it well.

Just remember the number one and only rule of no-fear-public-speaking ... Don't Be Boring!

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