Public Speaking Video

Use online public speaking video to help you overcome your fear of public speaking.

One of the things you may have noticed about a lot of public speaking web-sites is this:

There's no public speaking on them!

Well this site's different.

On this page you'll find several public speaking videos by real people. They're not Presidents or Prime Ministers or Political activists.

They're just like you and I. Ordinary people who've chosen not to be held back by speaking fears.

Watch these speech examples. Then have a go yourself by doing some of the Public Speaking Exercises.

It's easy to get your own page on the site. It's free too!

You just follow the simple instructions (some are even video instructions if you need them). You video yourself practicing your speech, and then submit it to this site. We build you a page around your video, and we also make it easy for people to give you feedback.

And please, don't worry about getting negative comments. We have a very strict policy about making sure only constructive feedback will ever be posted on this site.

If you get more confidence by watching these examples of public speaking, please encourage others to do the same.

A Humorous Speech

This won the Club competition. Hope it makes you smile.

Notice how stories are used. It's easy to be relaxed when you tell stories, and the audience loves to hear them. When you're relaxed, your audience will be relaxed. When they're laughing they're enjoying themselves. Then you feel even better.

Also watch how a few simple powerpoint slides are used to help the speaker stay on track. This is a great confidence booster and can help you speak without notes, because you don't have to worry about forgetting what to say next.

An Introductory Speech (also known as an Icebreaker)

The speaker here was doing his very first speech after joining a Toastmasters Club. He does a great job. Notice how he tells stories from his own life. It's a brilliant way to beat the nerves.

An Informative Speech

Notice how Catherine takes quite a dry, somewhat technical subject, and makes it interesting for the audience. Keeping things simple helps to reduce your fears of a speech going 'wrong'. Don't give yourself too much detail to worry about.

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