Get Some Presentation Coaching - The Fastest Way To Speak With No Fear

Presentation coaching might be the answer you're looking for. It's all about helping you speak in public with no fear.

This coaching will help you if any of these sound familiar:

  • You've been asked to speak in public soon and you're terrified
  • Your work requires you to speak in public but you hate the thought of it

  • You have a presentation to deliver but you've got no idea how to put it together

  • You're normally ok with public speaking but for some reason you're not looking forward to it any more, you're losing confidence

  • You're sick of turning down opportunities just because they might mean you have to speak in public

  • You're worried people are going to realise you're not so brilliant after all when they hear you speak (ouch)

  • You don't want the wedding day to be a nightmare because you're so worried about your speech

  • You feel sick every time you have to speak to your staff

  • You just want some experienced eyes to look over what you're going to present and give you an impartial, constructive opinion

  • You just want some experienced eyes to look at you presenting so you know what to work on to get even better

  • Or maybe you're just sick of watching other speakers do a great job with such apparent ease, and you want a piece of that!

Whatever you want, your dedicated public speaking coach, using internet, e-mail and telephone technology, will provide the help you need.

How The Presentation Coaching Works

You can get 2 types of coaching to help with presentations.

  1. Presentation Coaching
    Coaching is where we help you learn how to speak and present in public with absolutely no fear.

    Presentation Coaching is obviously the most valuable service we deliver, because it builds your most important asset ... you. However we recognize that it normally takes longer than Consulting, so we've reduced the hourly rate to make it very good value for money.

    This is personalized, highly targeted coaching to meet your specific needs and to suit your specific learning style. You can't ask a book any questions, you can't get a book to tailor its message for your specific situation and you can't ask the book to go easier or harder on you!

    You can do all of the above (and so much more ) with a coach. They can be your secret weapon helping you anonymously in the background. Sometimes, just knowing they're on your team will help your confidence hugely.

  2. Presentation Consulting
    Consulting is where we do it for you.

    It's where you're short of time and you just need someone to write a speech for you or design a powerpoint presentation for example.

    We're all busy and sometimes we need a bit of urgent help. That's where Consulting comes to the rescue.

    Your Consulting coach will discuss your specific needs with you, then complete your project as quickly as possible. Once complete, your Consulting coach will turn everything over to you and explain how to use it.

Get the Most Value From Your Presentation Coaching Dollar

The rates for Presentation Coaching and Consulting are shown below, but first you need to realize something.

Whether you are talking with your Coach, e-mailing, or using an instant messenger service, keep in mind, your Coach works based on time. Wasted time costs you money. Keep your questions focused and stay on topic.

The initial introduction e-mail from your coach, and e-mails to schedule sessions are free, but additional contacts and consulting questions are chargeable time. Take a few minutes to plan what you want/need from your Coach and you can get the most value from your Coaching dollar!

You'll be able to track the time you have used to date. Use this as a guide regarding whether you need to purchase additional time to complete your goals.

Since everyone learns at a different rate, and each client's needs are unique, we can't tell you here exactly how much time a specific task will take. However, you can use your purchased time in small increments, or all at once, and purchase more hours when you need them.

Presentation Coaching. US$69/hour. Minimum 1 hour.

Some of the more popular Coaching items include:

  • Learn how to deal with nerves before presenting.

  • Learn how to project confidence from the moment the audience sees you.

  • Learn how to have that magical, mystical thing called 'presence', when you're in front of an audience.

  • Learn how to really enjoy public speaking. (I'm not kidding, there are people who actually enjoy it, every time! You can too.)

  • Learn how to use Powerpoint with confidence.

  • Learn how to use Prezi with confidence.

  • Learn how to structure a presentation so you open well, keep them enthralled and then finish strong.

  • Video critique of your speaking style. Probably the most valuable single thing you'll ever do is let your Coach have a look at you performing. You'll be surprised at your strengths and you'll know exactly what to work on.

  • Critique of your presentation or speech script. Maybe what you've written is brilliant. It probably isn't though:) What if you could get it so good your audience never forgets your message?

The Coaching process follows this sequence of events...

  1. Fill out the Form on this page.

  2. Purchase coaching hours after discussion with your coach.

  3. Complete the Presentation Coaching Questionnaire.

  4. Receive an e-mail from your coach to schedule your first session.

  5. Respond to the coach's e-mail.

  6. Work with your coach via telephone and e-mail

  7. Provide feedback on coaching session (optional but highly recommended to help us improve our services).

Presentation Consulting. US$99/hour. Minimum 1 hour.

Some Of The More Popular Consulting Services are:

  • Write a speech.

  • Write a presentation script.

  • Create a presentation in either Powerpoint or Prezi.

  • Develop a Sales Seminar.

  • Develop a Training Workshop.

  • Train your people.

The Presentation Consulting Process goes like this ...

  1. Fill out the Form on this page.

  2. Purchase Consulting hours after discussing your needs with your coach.

  3. Receive e-mail to complete Consulting Questionnaire.

  4. Complete Consulting Questionnaire.

  5. Your coach contacts you to finalize work to be done and time frame for project.

  6. You and your coach agree to start work.

  7. Your coach works on the project until completion.

  8. Your coach notifies you that your project is ready for your review.

  9. Review the project with your coach.

  10. Your coach makes revisions if needed.

  11. Your coach notifies you that your project is complete.

  12. Your coach trains you on maintenance/usage, if included in the Project Outline.

  13. A random feedback request may be sent to you (not all projects will receive this but unsolicited feedback is always welcomed).

  14. Provide feedback on the project (optional but highly recommended to help us improve our services).

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