How To Give A Speech

If you're worried about how to give a speech then this page will change that for you.

As always the keys to doing this with no fear are:

  • Understand It. You need to realize what you're actually doign when you give a speech.
  • Love It. You don't normally get worried about doing something you genuinely love.
  • Practice It. You need to do certain things when you practice your speech.

Understand It

One of the clues to actually "giving a speech" is in the phrase itself ... you're giving something to someone else. I'm curious ... do you normally get worried when you know you're about to give someone something?

Normally I feel quite excited about giving something valuable to another person. I imagine their face lighting up and I might even anticipate a thank you or two.

What if you felt like that about your speeches?

Love It

You're not really worrying about giving a speech.

You're just worrying. You could be doing something else. You could be loving it.

Let me explain ...

When you're laughing your head off, does it really matter what you're laughing 'about'?

Not to your body it doesn't. Your stress levels will probably go down regardless, your endocrine system will produce powerful chemical compounds like endorphins.

Not to your mindset it won't. You'll just simply feel great.

Not to other people it won't. They just see someone laughing. Enjoying themselves. Maybe they'll feel good too.

Likewise when you're worried, does it really matter what you're worried 'about'? Not at all.

The fact is you can imagine yourself enjoying giving your speech. I know because I do it all the time!

Have I ever delivered a speech perfectly? Not that I know of! And guess what? No-one ever notices!

Don't you love it? Giving a speech is the most brilliant way I know of proving to yourself that you can consciously choose to love something for no better reason than this ...

It feels better than worry!

Practice It

Another brilliant way to get rid of any remaining fear about how to give a speech.

Here's a suggestion though ...

When you practice your speech, don't look for perfection, look for peace.

Perfection is unnattainable anyway so it's absolutely pointless trying to achieve it.

Instead look for that feeling you get when you get carried away about a topic and you're just humming along! You're enjoying yourself, you're enthusiastic about your speech, there's no effort, no struggle ... no fear!

It almost sounds like you could enjoy practice! What a concept!

Maybe that's one of the mysterious things that sets great exponents of any art form apart?

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