36 Presentation Tips

36 Presentation Tips to end your fear of speaking forever.

  1. Understand public speaking
  2. Understand the fear of public speaking
  3. Love public speaking
  4. Practice public speaking far more often than you have in the past (at least 5 times as much). Use this web-site by doing the exercises.
  5. Understand that it's not public speaking that you're afraid of
  6. Put your focus on the audience and not yourself
  7. Understand that it's your thoughts causing the fear - nobody else's
  8. Understand that speech anxiety won't normally kill you these days
  9. Understand why public speaking is so important to you
  10. Get the audience laughing first and then go on from there
  11. Understand how to structure a speech
  12. Understand Aristotle's 3 Appeals
  13. Understand Cicero's 5 Canons
  14. Understand Cicero's 6 parts of a speech
  15. Love the feelings you used to call fear. They're what led you here aren't they :)
  16. Love yourself. Otherwise how do you expect the audience to?
  17. "Always be shorter than anybody dared to hope." ~Lord Reading
  18. "Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening."— Dorothy Sarnoff
  19. Understand once and for all that you have something to say. Yes You!
  20. Lighten up
  21. Join Toastmasters
  22. Remember Rule No.3 Of Public Speaking "Don't Be Boring"
  23. For most presentations you'll do there are no other rules.
  24. If you use Powerpoint never, ever, ever, ever do a bullet point list. Do one brilliant, memorable, funny slide per bullet point instead
  25. Make each Powerpoint slide a work of art, not an instrument of torture.
  26. Read books on Persuasion. Then notice how often you're being persuaded each day.
  27. Understand logical fallacies in argument. Then notice how often they are used against you.
  28. Question everything you've ever learnt about public speaking. It's probably wrong.
  29. Keep questioning
  30. Practice speaking off the cuff
  31. Practice speaking without notes
  32. Practice introducing other speakers
  33. Practice debating instead of fighting
  34. Practice a comedy routine
  35. Practice a eulogy

  36. Finally ... read these 9 presentation tips.

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