Speech Examples

On this page you'll see links to several speech examples. They are all videos of people delivering various types of presentations.

Each one can help you learn how to speak with no fear. Which is what it's all about!


Here are links to speeches by out and out beginners. If you're just starting out in public speaking, you'll get a lot from seeing how these people do.

MIchael's First Toastmasters Speech

Aaron's First Toastmasters Speech

Informative Speeches

These speech videos show people at various levels of skill, delivering an information type presentation. This is a really common form of talk, at work in particular.

Catherine on Educational Standards

Janice on giving to charities.

Sue on how to evaluate a speech

Brian on how to start a speech

Clive on a Theater building project

Humorous Speeches

More light hearted speeches to make you smile. When your audience is laughing with you, they're having a good time. When they're having fun, so are you and vice versa.

Top TipTry to get a laugh in all your speeches, within 30 seconds of starting.

Chris tells a humorous story of his travels in Europe.

Brian's public speaking video on Aliens

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