Funny Speech Topics

Here are some funny speech topics you won't find on any other list.

Hell and damnation.

The death of an animal in a pet store

The expression of intense hatred for a close relative

At first sight you'd probably question whether they were good topics for any kind of talk, let alone a funny speech.

Look again.

Have you ever heard Rowan Atkinson as the Devil welcoming a new batch of sinners to Hell?

Or The Parrot Sketch by Monthy Python?

Or Rowan Atkinson's Father Of The Bride speech?

I bet you have plenty of examples of your own where a hilarious story was based around events that weren't really what most people would call 'funny'.

Remember and understand this little adage and you'll never be afraid of coming up with funny speech ideas again ...

How is always more important than what.

How the Devil welcomed the sinners into Hell was hilarious. What he was doing wasn't most people's idea of fun.

How Michael Palin insisted that the Norwegian Blue parrot was just resting, and that John Cleese should instead focus on its beautiful plumage, produced one of the funniest passages in all of comedy. What the situation was (dead pet) wasn't funny at all.

How Rowan Atkinson tore his hapless future son-in-law to pieces during his wedding speech, brought the audience to tears of laughter. What he was doing (personal abuse at a family celebration) would horrify most people.

funny speech topics

byMykl Roventine

How To Have An Infinite Supply Of Funny Speech Topics

  1. Stop taking yourself so seriously. If this step isn't done, it's pointless going to the next.
  2. Start, from this moment on, observing life with an attitude of affectionate indifference. There's no real evidence that it's serious anyway!
  3. Keep a record of your funny speech ideas as they come to you. (Or if you don't, you could write a funny speech about how you always mean to write things down as you think of them but you never do.)

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