Tips On Public Speaking

These tips on public speaking are designed to help you end your fear of speaking.

They are based around the three central ideas behind

Understand It

Whenever you speak in public make a point of learning from the experience. Understand how you feel at each stage of the process - when you get the assignment, as you're researching, as you're writing, as you're rehearsing, as you're delivering, after you've delivered, as you're getting feedback. Which bits do you enjoy? Which do you need to work on?

Love It

You either love public speaking or you're afraid of it. It's a fact that most people do love it while they're speaking. It's just the stinkin thinkin that goes on before and after the event that you need to drop.

Practice It

Put yourself in a position to get some practice. Ideally where you get some feedback. Even better if the feedback is honest and constructive. You want to get it from someone who cares about you but doesn't care about what you think of them.

Here's a list of tips for speakers based on the popular book "Made To Stick" by Chip and Dan Heath.

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