Oral Presentation Tips

Use these oral presentation tips next time just before you speak in front of a group, because they are the keys to speaking with abolutely no fear.

Assuming you've prepared well, understood what your audience wants, structured a presentation that gives that to them in a way that'll keep them awake, practised enough to know how you'll manage your time together ... assuming you've really covered the Understanding and Practice part, now use these tips to focus on the part that really makes the difference between an ok presentation and a great one ... the difference between pacing up and down beforehand gripped with fear and nerves, and feeling good about what's about to happen.

These oral presentation tips relate to the the least well understood part of the no fear public speaking equation, and the most powerful. Love it.

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Only love conquers fear.

Lower Your Expectations

In fact don't expect anything from your presentation. Just totally accept everything that happens from now until the end of your performance. In fact love it. Why? Because anything else is insane! Imagine hating the sky because it was blue instead of pink with green stripes like you want it to be. The fact is, it's blue. You either love it or hate it, your call. (Remember that behind all hate is fear, so ifyou choose to hate you are choosing to be afraid).

Only love conquers fear.

Especially don't expect to not feel nervous beforehand. If you feel nervous, you feel nervous. If you don't feel nervous, you don't feel nervous. Either way, what is ... just is ... like it always is! You gotta love that don't you! It's so reliable! It'll never let you down. Isn't that beautiful ... you can absolutely 100% guarantee that whatever's happening at any point in your presentation, is. So just welcome it all.

So take a few moments before you're due to speak, to lower your expectations all the way to nothing. And then go and enjoy yourself.

Realize There Is No Audience

Imagine for a moment that the audience is you. That every seat is occupied by your smiling face. Ther are no others in the room. Just you.

That would be cool wouldn't it? Because of course there is no fear when there is no other. If you feel a hand crawling menacingly up towards your throat in bed, and then realize it's your own hand, the fear dissappears in an instant. There is no fear when there is no other.

But ... the reality is that there are others.

Not according to every one of the great spiritual teachers of human history. Why do they say there is no other? Because there is no you either. What they're saying is that 'in essence' you are one with everyone, and everything, that is. That's actually the real meaning of love - to realize that oneness.

So, if you can, realize that there's only one consciousness out there, and it's who you truly are. You can't be afraid of that.

I realize this is a big call for most of us to make because the mind is so accustomed to thinking the opposite. The stakes are very high though so I decided to put this in. I say the stakes are high because until you realize who you are in truth (as opposed to the pygmy, mind-made image of 'me' that's been assembled over the years mainly from other pople's opinions) you'll never be free of fear. The best you'll ever do is learn some handy tricks to keep it down to a manageable level.

If you're ready for this, the second of our oral presentation tips, then just close your eyes before your next talk and say silently to yourself "I Am".

If you're not ready then read on!

Remember You're Still Alive

You'll be dead soon and so will your audience.

In fact in geological time frames it'll happen in the next instant. Even in the unlikely event that your speech is so great that it's revered for 10,000 years ... that's still not very long. The far more likely scenario is that your speech will be as fleeting as all forms on earth.

Does that help to put your earth-shaterringly important speech into some perspective? Good. Hard to get wound up about it now isn't it! Maybe you can just love whatever happens now.

If this makes you feel depressed or angry at me for bringing it up - accept that. (Or accept that you can't accept it!) It's the truth though isn't it?

Didn't someone say the truth will set you free?

Well you're still alive now. The last of our oral presentation tips is to remind yourself of that fact before your next speech, and then go and speak as though you just remembered.

Three Oral Presentation Tips You Never Heard Before

  1. Lower Your Expectations
  2. Realize There Is No Audience
  3. Remember You're Still Alive

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