Presentation Skill Training
A List To Help You Develop Effective Presentation Skills

If you think you need presentation skill training, or presentation skills coaching then cast your eyes down this list. It's a full list of the skills you need to present well, and present with no fear.

List Of Presentation Skills

You can trust this list because it's based on more than 30 years of practical public speaking in education, military, business and community organizations. The 'real world' in other words.

I've tried to keep it relevant to most of us. You will find "Addressing your staff" for example but I've left off "US Presidential Inauguration Speech".

You can use it to do an inventory of your own skills right now. Maybe even give yourself a score out of ten if you want to get all systematic about it!

Focus on one a week and in a year you'll be a more skillful presenter for sure.

Or you can just browse it, and maybe a sudden flash of enthusiasm will arise about one or two of the items on the list. Next thing you know you're upskilling in an area that's been holding you back.

You could even use it to evaluate a training course you're thinking of taking. Or take it to the course and make sure you get it all covered.

Anyway, you're a big kid now. Use it however you like! I just hope it builds your confidence by giving you greater understanding. If it does, it'll help you speak with no fear.

  1. Awareness

  2. Acceptance

  3. Relaxation

  4. Create ideas for presentations

  5. Research

  6. Write

  7. Practice

  8. Open

  9. Develop

  10. Not get lost

  11. Never forget anything

  12. Close

  13. Voice

  14. Breathing

  15. Use visual aids

  16. Engage an audience

  17. Ask questions of an audience

  18. Facilitate a discussion

  19. Use Ethos, Logos and Pathos

  20. Explain

  21. Motivate

  22. Inspire

  23. Persuade

  24. Use humor

  25. Gestures

  26. Eye Contact

  27. Pauses

  28. Smile

  29. Project Confidence

  30. Flipchart

  31. Whiteboard

  32. Projector and screen

  33. Powerpoint

  34. Prezi

  35. Video

  36. Use handouts

  37. Set up a room

  38. Use microphones

  39. Tell stories

  40. Tell jokes

  41. Use rhetorical devices

  42. Sell to an audience

  43. Introduce another speaker

  44. Run a Workshop

  45. Hecklers

  46. Gear Failure

  47. Speaking emergencies

  48. Impromptu (off-the-cuff) speaking

  49. Promote your business

  50. Elevator speech

  51. Business networking group speech

  52. Addressing your staff

  53. Addressing the Board of Directors

  54. Pitching to investors

  55. Teleclasses

  56. Webinars

Presentation Skills Coaching

I take on a limited number of people each year for one on one coaching. If you're interested in developing really effective presentation skills, check out Presentation Coaching here.

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