Presentation Software - Prezi breaks the mold

There's some new presentation software in town called Prezi and it's not only cool, but easy and free to use.

Before you watch the 2 minute video below, look for these features:

  • No slides

  • An infinite canvas

  • Zooming in and out, giving you a helicopter view and a microscope view all at once

  • easy to embed photos, videos etc

  • easy to flow logically through your ideas

Instead of telling you about it, why don't you take a look. This presentation is very simple and done in a few minutes by a complete Prezi novice. Me!

A Lot To Like About This Software

  • It's Free! At least the basic version is, but that's plenty to enable you to stand out from the Powerpoint crowd.

  • It's pretty easy to use. Watch the introductory video and you'll be away.

  • It just feels more like a program for the 2010s instead of the same thing we've been using since the 1980s (at least it feels that long!)

  • The infinite canvas gives you unlimited scope for creativity.

  • Used properly it could be a brilliant way to communicate concepts to an audience.

  • It really lends itself to going back over stuff from earlier in the presentation. Summarizing. Checking understanding.

  • It could ignite a whole new generation of public speakers and presenters to give it a go. And that means fewer people trapped by the fear of public speaking.


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