Public Speaking Curriculum

A public speaking curriculum to end the fear of public speaking.

No fear public speaking lies at the center of the diagram, where there is understanding, love and plenty of practice going on.

So if you're looking for a public speaking syllabus that will end your fear of public speaking for good then let this diagram and the outline below guide you.

Practice It

The first and best single action you can take is to put yourself in a situation where you're speaking very regularly and getting constructive feedback as you're doing it. That's why I strongly recommend you do the exercises on this site. You could also join Toastmasters.

Understand It

The next thing you need to do is become a student in the best sense of the word. What that means is to commit yourself to understanding both public speaking itself and also the fear of it. This website is an excellent resource to help you do that, as is your own experience through practice.

Love It

This is the least understood of the three parts of no fear public speaking, but could be the most important. Human beings are more often motivated by feelings than logic, and you're no different. Unless and until you decide to love public speaking, including the sensations that you used to call 'fear', you simply won't make much progress.

A Simple Public Speaking Syllabus

  • Do the exercises on this site to practice more often
  • Read every word on this site
  • Question everything you 'know' about public speaking from now on
  • Refuse from now on to agree that you are afraid of it (or ever were)
  • Be an impartial observer of how you feel as you speak in public

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