Why Is Public Speaking Important?

Why Is public speaking important in this modern internet age?

Because Everyone Else Is Afraid Of Public Speaking

You know all those times you were worried about what other people thought of you? Guess what they were worried about?

What you thought of them!

Surely you'd feel at least a bit better knowing that you've conquered the number one fear of the human race? It's not about being better than anyone else although I'm sure some people will take it that way.

It's accepting that this is one very widespread fear, and that when you overcome it you deserve to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Then don't beat people over the head with it ... help them instead.

Because Other Fears Come In The Same Package

When you get over your fear of public speaking you'll probably do better in other areas as well.

Apparently this fear is closely related to the fear of prospecting in business for example, and my own experience certainly bears that out.

When you can address an audience of hundreds even thousands with confidence, then approaching people in social or business gatherings holds no fear at all.

Even long before you get to that level of confidence you'll notice yourself prospecting more easily. Maybe it just helps you put it into perspective.

You Are Simply More Persuasive

Why is public speaking important to someone trying to persuade others?

If you want to influence others then they are going to want to hear you say it.

That's a great thing too because there is nothing better for sharpening your act up than knowing you'll have to stand up and speak about it.

It improves your thinking and your writing as well as your speaking because you can't be boring and persuasive at the same time. Written passages can get away with it but never a speech.

Speaking forces you to distill the essence out from all the fluff and serve it up in a way that leaves them salivating for more. (I must be hungry!)

You'll Have To Do It One Day Anyway

Unless you plan to live under a rock for the rest of your days you will be asked to speak in front of a group soon.

At work?

At a community group?

At a sports club?

At a wedding?

At Toastmasters? (I hope so)

It's A Leg Up

Who gets promoted the fastest at your work?

The people who are so scared that they avoid every opportunity to speak out loud in front of other humans?

Or the ones who want to set themselves apart from the flock of sheep in the paddock?

Just make sure you've got something to say that's worth listening to ... and then say it hot!

You Can Prove You're A Human

Why is public speaking important?

If you do it right it shows the rest of us a bit of who you are.

When you speak well you are a believable, logical and above all emotional person.

You're not perfect. You've failed and you kept going. You made a fool of yourself and got over it.

Just like the rest of us in other words.

It's too easy to hide when you're at a keyboard or a keypad.

You Will Change The World

Why is public speaking important? You will change the world.

Notice I didn't say you might change the world.

You will.

How's that?

You will change your world. You will never be the same again.

You will change the world of the audience. Your audience will never be the same again.

And you simply never know who is in your audience.

At some point in their lives each of the great influencers decided that public speaking was important to them and their world.

What about you?

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