Benefits Of Public Speaking

Some of the benefits of public speaking will shock and delight you. For example did you know ...

Breaking News ... Public Speakers Get More Sex!

That's right. Make sure you read on to find out why (or how).

You'll Probably Make More Money

Whether you're promoting your own business or working to make profits in someone else's thing, this is highly likely.

When I was a business coaching franchisee there were 70+ of us in the country. Within 3 years of starting up, my franchise had the highest sales in the country. Why? Free Seminars and Group Coaching Workshops.

I did way more Free Seminars than any other franchisee, and also did more paid Workshops.

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I'm not saying it's the only way to dramatically increase your sales in this type of business - but it worked well for me.

If you're an employee and you get known as someone who can present in front of a group, with confidence and effectiveness then guess what - you just added a whole lot of value to You Incorporated.

If you're trying to make the money for a charity, or a not-for-profit, instead of you, the same applies. If you're not speaking in public, your fundraising activities are a crappy car stuck in first gear compared to what they could be.

So, one of the most practical benefits of public speaking is that it can improve your finances. And you don't have to be a professional speaker on the circuit. Not bad for a start.

You'll Be Better At Sales And Marketing

Apparently some fears are bundled together. Which is one way of saying that if you got one, you probably got another.

Fear of public speaking and the fear of prospecting in sales often go together. So one of the least talked about benefits of public speaking is this...if your success depends on you promoting yourself and your enterprises better (and whose doesn't?) - then learn to speak in public and you'll probably feel the dreaded so-called 'fear of rejection' start to fade away into the small dark corner in which it belongs.

You'll Be More Confident In The Rest Of Your Life

Sounds like a big claim, but it's true as far as my observation of people goes.

Within a very short time even quite shy people who start practicing public speaking regularly get more confidence, more poise, more presence.

As long as they keep the sick little mind quiet for long enough to realize that there's nothing to be afraid of.

This is a good time to avoid all idiots. An idiot in this sense is anyone who says anything discouraging to you about public speaking. Whether they're facually correct or not, they're still an idiot if they do that. (PS They'll probably be a family member.)

You'll Be More Persuasive

Public speaking helps you discipline your arguments and makes you think a bit more before you attempt to convince us of your point of view. Why? Well mainly because you don't want to look stupid (for real time examples of stupid people just tune into a radio talk-back station and listen for half an hour - any longer will be dangerous to your mental health).

Most people aren't persuasive because they don't understand how. You can learn. There's no better way than to test your arguments on an audience.

This is one of the most useful benefits of public speaking that I know of because it affects so many areas of your life.

You'll Be More Enthusiastic

Public speaking feels great. Did you know that it's actually possible to feel excited about a speech for days or even weeks beforehand ... and afterwards?

You'll Be More Interesting

What's the 'trick' to being more interesting? Be more interested. A brilliant way to get interested in something is to research and prepare a talk on it. Debates are also great for this.

When you get public speaking in your blood, you'll find yourself looking quite differently at events going on around you. You'll see something violent or stupid on the news for example, and have a flash of inspiration about a way to talk about it that will bring some new insight that the corporate news media lackeys would never spot in a million years.

Being more interesting is one of the benefits of public speaking that surprises mots people.

You'll Be More Creative

Putting together a good speech on any topic is a highly creative activity. No-one in the history of humanity has ever looked at this issue through your eyes. What have you got to say? I can't wait to find out and neither can lots of other people.

I'm not sure what the ultimate purpose of a human life is exactly, but I think "express your creativity" is pretty close.

The benefits of public speaking extend way beyond what most people think.

You'll Be More Likeable

If you go about public speaking in the right way, people will like you more. The main rule of speaking is 'Don't Be Boring'. That's the number one rule because it shows respect for your audience. Without that you're dead because they'll hate you.

If on the other hand you use your speaking to give yourself a booster shot of the empathy gene, then you're on the right track.

You'll Enjoy Life More

Any time you loosen the death grip of fear around your throat, you'll feel better.

It does wonders for your voice too!

You'll Get More Sex

Ok here's the bit you've been looking for. Answer me this ... all things being equal, do attractive people get more sex? Yes or No? (By attractive I mean you draw people to you & it has less to do with looks than most people think)

Now answer this question ... if you had more money, were better at sales and marketing, were more confident, more persuasive, more enthusiastic, more interesting, more creative, more likeable and you were enjoying life more and it showed ... would you be free for dinner later this week?

Just kidding. About the dinner, not the sex. Oh never mind.

There are no doubt plenty of other benefits of public speaking.

Why not get out there and experience them for yourself? You could start with these public speaking exercises.

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