Definition Of Public Speaking

Your definition of public speaking has a huge bearing on whether or not you are afraid of it.

Let me explain.

If I ask you to give me a definition of public speaking what would you say?


"Speaking in front of a group of people."

Or maybe...

"Presenting to an audience of more than one person."

Whatever you say I can almost guarantee it's a big fat lie!

It's not how you really define public speaking at all.

A definition is what something means right? To who? You of course. So what does public speaking mean to you? Really mean to you.

Let me help you out here. If you're afraid of public speaking then your definition is actually more like this:

Public Speaking: "A terrifying oral performance activity involving me risking making a fool of myself and having the people in the audience think I'm an idiot."

See how the boring textbook answer you gave before was really meaningless? This one is far more accurate if you're afraid of public speaking isn't it?

Define Public Speaking Correctly And You Will Understand It

This is the key to one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of no fear public speaking. Understand It.

If you can be honest with yourself about what you've allowed speaking to mean to you in the past ... you're half way there.

Next you've got to look at that meaning and ask yourself whether it's true or not. (I'll give you another hint here ... if your definition makes you afraid, then it isn't true.)

Finally you'd better find another definition hadn't you! My advice is to pick one that's more objectively accurate and one that inspires you, like for example ...

"Making people's lives better by affecting them with my spoken words."

What's yours? Does it make you feel better about speaking?

Sounds good to me:)

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