Example Of Public Speaking

Which example of public speaking below inspires you?

Martin Luther King Jr

Listen to the way the brilliant orator ends his famous "I Have A Dream Speech". If you're not moved by these words check your pulse!

Winston Churchill

Listen as some of the most famous words ever uttered are delivered with the grim determination that so inspired a people looking for inspiration.

John F Kennedy

Uplifting words that remain a timeless rallying call to humanity.

As you listened to these examples I hope you felt something.

If you did it might be worth going back and working out what exactly was it that got you? What was it about the content, the words? What was it about the delivery?

These examples stand out among the thousands of examples of public speaking from the 20th Century.

Work out why ... and you will be well on your way to being a better, more persuasive and, most importantly, a no-fear public speaker.

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