Ice Breakers

A fun exercise to help you deliver your very first speech to a group. These speeches are often known as Ice Breakers.

You've got to start somewhere don't you? For a lot of people, this talk is the first time they've done any public speaking so it can seem a bit daunting.

But I don't really need to tell you that do I?

If you've got an introduction speech like this to deliver you are probably an expert on the psychological and physiological effects of such an assignment!

What you really need is a bit of confidence that it's all going to be ok. Well here's why you can take heart.

If overcoming fear of public speaking is your goal ... then your first speech is a massive step towards it.

I'm not going to tell you how it'll be for you. How would I know? So let's stick to the facts. They're comforting enough!

You see, the fact is, you have a tremendous advantage over more experienced speakers.

Everyone expects you to be nervous.

And you probably won't let them down!

Aristotle would say that your nerves give you tremendous Ethos (character), because the audience relates strongly with what you are going through.

They already respect you even before you've opened your mouth.

Great. Now on to the exercise.

Exercise - Tell Us About Yourself

  1. Write a 6 minute introduction speech for a group which doesn't know you very well. The topic is easy. It's you. There are no rules (except of course rule 3 Don't Be Boring).
  2. Practice it a few times by yourself if you need to.
  3. Video it.
  4. Upload your video to You Tube
  5. Submit your video by filling out the form right below this box.

Tell Us About Your Video

Here's where you tell us about what's in your video.

Just type the story of your video in the Form below. Also make sure you include the You Tube embed code for your video.

We'll do the rest, and create a web page on this site just for you.

Then you just sit back and enjoy the constructive feedback you'll get!

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