Business Speeches

Business speeches. How to write one about your business and show it off online for free!

Let's face it. You don't need a whole bunch of theory about how to write the perfect business speech.

You probably don't have time to read dozens of speeches written by other people about their business. (You probably don't want to pay for them either).

You need to promote your own business! Not recycle some downloadable template everyone else is parroting.

The way you use communication in business is about to change forever.

Bet You Never Heard This Marketing Tip Before

Do you know what the best marketing copywriter in the world would say about your written business sales and marketing materials?

Apart from telling you what you already know (ie they're no good), here's what they'd tell you to do to dramatically improve your written copy:

Say it out loud.

Go on. Try it.

Do you even sound like a real person? Would you talk to a friend or someone in your family like that?

Or would they tell you to stop 'talking funny'?

How many times did you stumble? How many big words did you read out? Words you'd never use in actual conversation?

Tell me. Did you sound like you would if you were face to face with a good prospect?

Did you sound friendly and likable?

I don't have to be there with you to know the answer to all of the above is NO.

Time to do something about it. Time to develop this very important people skill.

Time to rewrite your business story and then tell the world about it. For free.

Let's Use The Internet To Promote Your Business

Now we're going to follow the marketing guru copywriter's advice:

Say it out loud.

You're going to write one of the best business speeches ever written by an employee of your company. Just tell us why we should be excited about your business.

Then you're going to:

We'll build a whole page around it for you. Did I mention we'd do this for free?

You'll get several rewards for doing this:

  1. You'll vastly improve your sales and marketing copy.

  2. You'll increase your business exposure and presence on the web.

  3. You'll speak far more persuasively about your business, no matter where you are.

  4. You can send your Mum the link to your speech.

The web is where it's at for business but so many don't use it very well. Their websites are as bad as their brochures.

An American sales trainer I know, tells his clients to write "up yours" in the middle of their sales brochures. He then offers them $100 for every time a client notices. He's never paid up!

Don't get brochure disease. Start talking about your business like you mean it.

Tell Us About Your Video

Here's where you tell us about what's in your video.

Just type the story of your video in the Form below. Also make sure you include the You Tube embed code for your video.

We'll do the rest, and create a web page on this site just for you.

Then you just sit back and enjoy the constructive feedback you'll get!

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