Top 10 Fears

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Top 10 Fears

Unconventional wisdom

10. Fear of God

Apparently …

If you do believe in God, the 'fear of God' means “reverence and awe of God”, who, by the way, is going to look after you for all eternity etc, etc …

If you don't believe in God, the 'fear of God' means “fear of the judgment of God and eternal death, which is eternal separation from God” …but you can't possibly care, because you don't believe in God anyway, remember!

Either way you're sweet!

Looks like all is well.

9. Fear of death

"So death, the most frightening of bad things, is nothing to us; since when we exist, death is not yet present, and when death is present, we do not exist." Epicurus

“For the fear of death is indeed the pretense of wisdom, and not real wisdom, being a pretense of knowing the unknown; and no one knows whether death, which men in their fear apprehend to be the greatest evil, may not be the greatest good. Is not this ignorance of a disgraceful sort, the ignorance which is the conceit that a man knows what he does not know?” Socrates

Since it's not possible to be afraid of the unknown …And what happens to your essence after death is unknown …You must be afraid of something else!(shadows in your own mind perhaps?)

8. Fear of rejection

'Rejection' is a little story you tell yourself about what's happening.

'Reality' is always much kinder than your horrible stories. Why not stay with what's real, accurate, kind?

For example “He didn't return my call.” is a lot more accurate and far kinder than this little story ...“OMG, he thinks I'm a total geek. I am so lame.”

Keep it real.

7. Fear of the dark

No-one is afraid of the dark.

Lots of people are afraid of what they add to the dark, with their mind.

6. Fear of success

Fear of success is stupid.

Why worry about something that can't ever happen?

5. Fear of failure

Failure is at least 47 trillion times more enjoyable, than worrying about failing.

Disclaimer: 38.2% of statistics are made up on the spot

4. Fear of intimacy


Into me see?

Is that the problem?

We've seen it all before!

Don't worry.

3. Fear of heights

Heights never hurt anyone.

2. Fear of public speaking

You may begin your journey here:

1. Fear of flying

You can't get frightened enough, to change the odds of crashing and burning.

If you could, there would be lots of websites on how to be afraid of flying.

Last time I checked … none.

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