Speech Outline - Practice Laying Out Your Speeches

Use these public speaking exercises to practice how to build a speech outline.

One of the reasons you might fear public speaking, is because you don't think you know how to lay out a presentation or speech properly.

These simple exercises will help you fix that.

You'll practice doing an outline bit by bit.

The penny will drop when you realize that's how all the good speakers do it!

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Now, while it's true there are many different ways to structure a talk, there are definite parts of a speech.

There's a generally accepted public speaking outline that looks like this ... an Opening, a Body and a Conclusion.

In the box below you'll see several exercises. Each one has you building just one part of a speech at a time. You'll get more confident as you try the different ways of doing each part.

Just imagine the great day when you realize all fear of speaking is an illusion. The day you see it's completely unnecessary, and it only ever holds you back - it never helps. Maybe today's the day!

Remember to let us see your good work on video. Just follow the instructions below. People are waiting to give you constructive feedback.

Exercise: Layout A Speech

  1. Write and deliver an Opening built around a provocative statement designed to capture the audience's attention.
  2. Write and deliver an Opening built around a question or series of questions.
  3. Write and deliver a Speech Conclusion for a talk designed to motivate people to take action as soon as they leave the room (or even better before they leave the room).
  4. Write and deliver a Speech Conclusion designed to leave people thoughtful, inspired, reflective about the message of your talk.
  5. Write and deliver a Body for a talk based around the three main points that your speech is designed to get across.
  6. Video yourself doing either of your introduction speeches.
  7. Upload it to You Tube.
  8. Submit your video by filling out the form right below this box.

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Then you just sit back and enjoy the constructive feedback you'll get!

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