Public Speaking Outline

Public Speaking Outline from the most basic to the way the professionals do it.

Basic Outline

Toastmasters lays out the following as the simplest way to lay out a speech containing three main points.

A. Opening

  • Capture the audience's attention
  • Lead into your speech topic

B. Body

  • Main Point
    • Subpoint
    • Subpoint material
  • Main Point
    • Subpoint
    • Subpoint material
  • Main Point
    • Subpoint
    • Subpoint material

C. Conclusion

  • Review or summary
  • Call to action or memorable statement

Persuasive Outline

In the book "There's No Such Thing As Public Speaking", there's a public speaking outline that's designed to inspire action.

A. Overall Identification (Make an irrefutable statement which your audience identifies with)

B. New Topic #1

  • Identify - irrefutable statement on Topic #1
  • Introduce - new idea on Topic #1
  • Propose - action required on Topic #1

C. New Topic #2

  • Identify
  • Introduce
  • Propose

D. New Topic #3

  • Identify
  • Introduce
  • Propose

E. Overall Proposal Of Action

How A Political Speechwriter Outlines A Speech

Research, Research, Research

Write A Story, not a speech

  • Get their attention

  • The best way to do this is to start telling a story and ideally use a bit of humor.
  • Let them know you've got some inside information to give them

  • "Who is this guy?". Establish your credibility early on as someone who knows what they're talking about,has the inside running on the issue and is about to let you in on it.
  • Connect with them

  • Relate to them by speaking in their language and using examples familiar to them. For example if you're looking for a famous music star as an example you're obviously better off with Eminem if the audience is young than say Pat Boone (who?).
  • Give them something of value

  • This bit answers the all important question "What's in this for me?"
  • Leave them with a call to action

  • What do they need to do now?

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