Powerpoint Examples

Use these 2 powerpoint examples to learn what you must never do with a slide show. You'll also see some examples of how to get it right, so your next set of slides blows them away! Plus I'll recommend some good resources if you want to go deeper.

This is an absolutely critical business presentation skill these days. Anyone can get data and information in an instant.

What your audience needs is someone to show them what matters most, and why.

But first ...

This video shows a truly terrible powerpoint slideshow. This is death by powerpoint at its hideous worst. Do Not Watch It if you have a weak heart!

Why This Presentation Is So Bad

  • It's not a presentation slide show at all. It's a handout. A good spoken presentation is different to a good written document.

  • There's way too much data. As a result nothing will stand out for the audience. Tell em 10 things and they'll remember none.

  • There's way too much clip art. In other words there's more than zero clip art.

  • There's way too much use of the dreaded bullet-point-list which has tortured audiences for years.

  • The presenter clearly doesn't understand the purpose of a powerpoint slide show. It's to reinforce his words, not repeat them. My question of this presenter at the end of the show would be 'Why were you here?'.

  • Even worse the presenter doesn't understand the purpose of his presentation, which is the same as every presentation. To transfer emotions. In other words to make us feel something. Yes even with a subject like business plans. In fact the topic is absolutely irrelevant. If you are presenting live in front of other humans your job is to sell ideas, and that's emotional not logical. You're just never going to be as good as Google at delivering information, so don't bother trying!

A Good Example

Here's a presentation I put together in less than 30 minutes. It's designed as an antidote to the previous one! I hope it restores your faith in the possibilities with presentation software.

A final point. With this second example you'd give a handout with any detailed stuff they really need. The reality is if they can find Google.com and work out how to use it, they can nail the technical bits of writing a business plan in no time. So maybe a single page with some links to good sites or the names of good books - but only if I've used them myself.

Given more time this presentation could be easily improved by adding stories to illustrate the main points, and of course by injecting as much humor as possible.

Have fun with your next powerpoint masterpiece!

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