Persuasive Speeches

How to give persuasive speeches without fear. Use this simple approach to help you learn how to write speeches which really persuade people.

First we'll look at the theory and then we'll develop a short persuasive speech using Monroe's Motivated Sequence:

  1. Attention - Hey you need to pay attention to this! - story, shocking statistics
  2. Need - there's a problem, it's a big deal & it won't solve itself. And here's the proof.
  3. Satisfaction - Here's what we can do to solve the problem.
  4. Visualization - Here's what will happen if we do/don't solve this.
  5. Action - Here's what you can do.

Let's say we want to persuade an audience of young people, just starting work, that overcoming the fear of public speaking is one of the best things they can do for their careers (which of course it is ... in my humble opinion:)

We'd look at the Need, Satisfaction and Visualization parts first. Then we'd look at how we'd start and end with impact.

The Need

We could choose the top 3 reasons why being afraid of public speaking is a problem. For example:

  • It limits your income.

  • It limits your ability to contribute.

  • It limits your enjoyment of life.

We'll provide evidence where we can to support each point. A story or 2 will help here, especially if they use people the audience will relate to.


We can explain that the solution lies in our ability to do 3 things. Understand, love and practice speaking. Stories, examples.


Here we tell more stories about 2 possible future lives - one with fear, the other without. We reinforce how life is with this fear put in it's box.


Tough to shock young people these days so I wouldn't try to scare them. They would probably be disgusted at the idea of living like a fearful wimp though, so that might be a good approach.


We might end with a story about a simple binary choice. Fear or No-Fear. We close with a clear simple First Step to take, like go to the online public speaking exercises on this site.

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