Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

To overcome fear of public speaking what you need to do is:

  • Understand It
  • Love It
  • Practice It

Use the pages on this site and the resources that it links to, to help you understand public speaking in more detail.

To truly overcome the fear, just understanding public speaking won't be enough. At some point you have to decide you love it. Anything less and there will still be some residual negativity lingering in you that will eventually allow the fear to creep back in. Life's way too short to waste doing things you don't love. Isn't it?

And now let's look at the really exciting part of the remedy.

Practice It!

My first piece of advice to overcome fear of public speaking? Join Toastmasters. No matter what level of speaker you think you are, you'll get great value from the experience and meet lots of cool people too. I'm currently working my way towards DTM and about to start a term as the Club's VP Education. Great fun.

As good as Toastmasters is, it's hard to practice often enough even if you go every week. Sure you'll probably get the chance to stand up and say something each week, but you'll only get to make a proper speech every few weeks. If there are 21 members in your Club for example and each meeting has three speeches, you'll only get to speak once every 7 weeks. And that's just not enough.

I remember hearing how Tony Robbins got great at speaking. While his workmates were speaking in public once a month, he booked himself three times a day! Three months experience in 1 day. No wonder he got good in a hurry.

It's the same with most things where practice is required. Spread it out too much and the learning just isn't as effective.

So I started thinking ... wouldn't it be great if there was a way for people to get public speaking practice as often as they wanted.

At one stage in my Business Coaching career I was doing public seminars several times a month, but that took an enormous marketing effort to get the bums on seats. Plus a fair bit of expense of course.

Then one day I thought 'Why not take a nervous peak at the 21st Century and use the Web?'

That's how this site came about. Very soon you'll have the ability to video yourself speaking and then post it here where you can have it reviewed by your speaking peers and public speaking experts. How cool is that!

You can even use it in conjunction with Toastmasters. Try out your speech on the no-fear-public-speaking community, polish it based on the feedback and then deliver the shiny finished product way more effectively than you would have otherwise. Practice the same speech as many times as you like here if you like.

Got a big scary work presentation to do? Losing sleep over it? No problems. Let us help you overcome fear of public speaking and build the confidence you need to knock 'em dead on the day.

Use this site as your secret weapon!

Not too secret though!

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