Ideas For Speeches

Here's a list of ideas for speeches you can use right away.

After the list I'll explain exactly how I came up with these speech ideas it and exactly how long it took. You may be surprisd at how easy it is!

List Of Speech Topic Ideas

  1. What my 9 month old daughter has taught me so far
  2. Learning the guitar
  3. Why public speaking is more important today than ever
  4. How to build a high traffic web-site
  5. Public speaking is easy - you already know how!
  6. Why personal development never works
  7. Some of the great lies we're told
  8. Believe nothing ...and watch your life improve immediately
  9. Why we love music
  10. Why mothers sell hard drugs to kids
  11. How alcohol abuse hurts you whether you drink or not
  12. Why international competitiveness doesn't matter
  13. How to queue for hours to get a low paid job
  14. Ever noticed how it's always someone else's fault?
  15. Spinoza said hundreds of years ago that we're obsessed with riches, fame and pleasure - has anything changed?
  16. Putting my Mum into a Private Hospital for the rest of her life
  17. What A&E is really like
  18. Our fascination with the weather
  19. Why some countries will always be good at a sport
  20. A snapshot of China in 2010
  21. Why is Haiti so poor?
  22. Should you pay your taxes?
  23. Is a welfare state good for the economy?
  24. Talk shows and stupidity - any link there?
  25. Tougher jail sentences and right wing nutters
  26. The mimimum wage
  27. Luring the best and brightest from overseas
  28. Back to work after the holidays
  29. The Royal Family's future
  30. Tax reform and why we should all have a say
  31. How to have a say on an issue being considered by the government
  32. A brilliant new neighborhood Cafe - why I go there and what it can teach us about business,

How Did I Come Up With This List?

Glad you asked! First of all it took exactly 26 minutes to get these 32 ideas for speeches. More importantly it was 26 chilled out, relaxed, enjoyable minutes. I didn't have to rush & at times ideas just flowed. Then I went to the Cafe in idea 32!

I started by just thinking of the first things that came into my head. My baby daughter, my guitar etc. Others came from ideas I've been thinking a bit about in recent weeks. Then I went to the local paper's web-site and browsed through the front page articles. I decided I'd get at least one topic from each story and I didn't care hether the topic was the same as the newspaper's angle. I found in some cases a totally unrelated idea appeared in the mind as I loked at the headline.

Another thing I noticed myself doing was glancing at my bookshelf. I only got a coule of ideas from there, but I realize that it's an almost infinite source of material for future speeches.

How Will You Use These Ideas For Speeches

You may find something on my list that inspires you. If so that's great. Let me know. Even better video yourself and send me a link.

I'm actually hoping though that you get inspired to come up with your own 32 ideas for presentations. That's one for each day of the longest month plus one bonus idea. It doesn't matter if it takes you longer than 26 minutes ... it probably won't be that much longer.

The important thing to remember is not to be afraid while you're doing it. Some people are afraid that no-one would be interested in 'that' topic, or afraid that they couldn't possibly talk about 'that' idea, etc, etc, etc.

I can promise you that how is far more important than what you talk about.

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