Fun Speech Topics

It turns out there are no fun speech topics! This page shows you why this is true, and why it matters to you as a speaker. If you ever get worried about coming up with funny topics for a speech, you need to read this.

Take a look at this list of topics from a public speaking competition for 10 and 11 year olds.

These were the finalists over the three years 2007, 2008 and 2009. To even get to the finals, they had to win their own school contest and then a regional contest against several other schools.

If you just want as quick hit, you're welcome to use it as a list of fun speech ideas for your own speeches. Or maybe as a list of speech topics for kids who are a bit stuck for ideas.

If you really want to learn an important lesson though, read the short discussion after the list as well.

The Topics

  1. ‘Silence’

  2. ‘Horrific homework’

  3. ‘My brother’

  4. ‘Poverty’

  5. ‘Intermediates’

  6. ‘Sea Cucumbers’

  7. ‘The trials of speech making’

  8. 'Why you should not have pets’

  9. 'World record breakers’

  10. ‘Lollies’

  11. ‘Teachomatic 3000’

  12. ‘Coming to New Zealand’

  13. ‘Ferns with a purpose’

  14. ‘Goldilocks is a bad influence on young people’

  15. ‘Haka’

  16. ‘Feelings’

  17. 'Leeches’

  18. ‘Support the Child Cancer Foundation’

  19. 'My Pop’

  20. ‘Teasing’

  21. ‘My Room’

  22. 'Talents’

  23. ‘Manners’

  24. ‘Body Language’

  25. ‘Siblings’

  26. ‘Why not to be a wife of Henry VIII’

  27. ‘Designer Babies’

  28. ‘One World’

  29. ‘If you are going to judge the cover you’d better read the book’

  30. ‘The referendum and human rights’

  31. ‘History’s most infamous murderers'

  32. ‘Is Bigger Better’

  33. 'Bullies’

  34. ‘Gadgets’

  35. ‘Living with Girls’

  36. ‘Earth Hour’

  37. ‘The Dictionary’

  38. ‘Addiction to Cigarettes’

The Insight

How this list can help you understand something very important about speaking. Remember one of the very common reasons people say they're afraid of speaking, is they can't come up with a topic.

  1. Only one is a 'fun' topic. 'Lollies' (what kids call candy in New Zealand) are regarded by kids everywhere as fun. What's remarkable about this list is the way they chose quite serious topics to talk about. They seem to intuitively know they'd have 'fun' talking about these topics, because they were into them. The actual topic doesn't really matter at all. What matters is what they bring to the topic.

  2. The vast majority are topics involving human relationships. Surprisingly only 3 are about school, only 3 are about critters and only one is about a tangible object.

  3. 7 are about more 'global' issues or problems which probably don't affect them directly. Perhaps we can all be encouraged by our kids, who clearly enjoy talking about big, important issues affecting others less fortunate than themselves.

The bottom line?

There's no such thing as a fun speech topic. Just people having fun talking about topics they're into.

Thanks kids!

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