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It's amazing how many times I've heard people say how scared they were about trying to deliver a humorous speech. I guess they were thinking that if they tried to be funny and weren't, that this would cause them even more pain, to be added to the pain caused by getting up and speaking in public in the first place.

If that's still your belief then you'll probably benefit by reading some of the articles on the Fear Of Public Speaking to deepen your understanding about what's really going on. Then come back here and we'll get on with the Practice It part.

First Let's Blow Away Some Myths About Funny Speaking

  1. MYTH 1: Some people are just not funny. The argument goes that some people are simply best to leave humor alone in their speaking. I've actually heard this rubbish from a very experienced public speaker and trainer who should have known better. If you have ever laughed at anything then you can deliver a funny speech. Just open your eyes and think about the infinite array of personality types that you see as stand-up comedians. Anyone can learn how to deliver a funny speech.
  2. MYTH 2: It's hard to be funny when you speak. It's actually no harder or easier than any other aspect of speaking. Remember Socrates? Question these myths instead of just accepting them as the truth. If you approach your speaking with the lightness that comes when you don't take yourself too seriously, you'll find it hard not to be funny.
  3. MYTH 3: You can't tell jokes in a speech. Another lie that strips speakers of a rich vein of material. Of course you can tell jokes in a speech. Just make sure that they are not there for their own sake. In other words if the joke helps you achieve your objectives then it's wrong to leave it out.
  4. Exercise: Make Us Laugh

    1. Watch different stand-up comedians on You Tube until you find at least three that make you laugh out loud. What was it about their performance that got you laughing? Was it the content, their delivery, their timing, the unexpected?
    2. Now think of a funny story from your own life experience. It's got to be one that really makes you smile when you think about it. If other funny stories or thoughts come to mind jot them down.
    3. Write a funny 6 minute speech using your stories and try and use some of the techniques that the comedians used on you to make you laugh
    4. Video yourself doing your speech.
    5. Upload your video to You Tube.
    6. Submit your video by filling out the form right below this box.

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