Become A Motivational Speaker
Motivational Speaker Training from 2 World Champions Of Public Speaking

If you want to become a motivational speaker then who better to take advice from than not one, but two World Champions of Public Speaking?

That's what I figured too, so I bought a package of audios and and ebook off Clickbank and I studied it hard. I'll tell you more about what's in the package, and why I recommend it further down the page, but right now I want to give you some absolute gems to help you really motivate your next audience.

A Formula For Motivation

This formula is not from the audios, but it's a good summary of one of their most important points. I learned this when I was business coaching, and it really works to clarify this elusive question of how to become a motivational speaker.

You can call it the formula for change, the formula for sales or the formula for motivation - it works well in all three.

D x V + FS > R

D is Dissatisfaction

V is Vision

FS is First Steps

R is Resistance

To put the formula into English - people are motivated to do something (change/buy/do something) when they are dissatisfied with the current situation, and when they can see a vision of a better future situation and when they take some first steps, and when all of that is greater than their inherent resistance to change/buying/doing anything.

The formula helps you remember what you need to do as you become a motivational speaker.

Let's break it down step by step, using "The Champs" advice:

  • Dissatisfaction - You've got to stir up their emotions about what they want to move away from. People instinctively want to reduce or eliminate 'pain'. As a speaker you must do what perhaps they haven't been able to do for themselves - talk about the pain. The Champs call this the 'Push', and they suggest it comes first.

  • Vision - Second is the 'Pull'. You're probably most motivated when you can see that you can do it. When there's at leats some picture of success and it's believable to you. As a motivational speaker, you paint the picture with stories and movement and props and visuals and passion. You're the bridge for them across the divide.

  • First Steps - You are much more likely to motivate people to do something when you show them simple, clear step 1. It's far easier to steer a moving car than a stationary one. Help them get moving. Of course the best way to become a motivational speaker is to take the first steps yourself - I highly recommend these audios by the Champs.

  • Resistance - This is the chasm they have to get over. It's mostly just false beliefs they've picked up as they've been conditioned since childhood. The Champs suggest the most important part of any presentation is the thought process of the listener. As a speaker you must understand the impact your performance is having on their thoughts and feelings.

    Specifically for example, you must anticipate any Resistance in their minds and acknowledge it up front. If you have an accent, make a joke about it. If your background isn't what they expect, make a joke about it.

    You'll go a long way to overcoming their resistance by getting them to like you, by telling stories which get them involved and by making your main points and your single, overall, most important message absolutely crystal clear.

The World Champions On Audio

There really is a lot of good stuff on the audios that come with the package. I'm not so impressed with the ebook because it's more generic and is done by a marketing guy. The audios alone however make it well worth the modest price of $39.

  • You get a 105 minute mp3 audio called "How To Write A Winning Speech" which is a recorded teleconference with the 2 former World Champions, Darren La Croix and Craig Valentine. It's packed with high value, specific insights which will definitely make you a better motivational speaker.

  • You also get a 79 minute audio called "Humor 101". Darren La Croix has been a standup comedian and this audio is packed with the lessons he's learned in the real world. It's not often you get a comedian who has then gone on to be a highly successful public speaker. If you want to motivate people, one of the best ways to reduce the R in the formula above, the resistance to change, is to make em laugh.

  • You also get a 90 minute audio called "Free To Fee" which is all about how to get paid to speak in public. It's by Darren La Croix, and he has some brilliant insights into how to become a professional speaker. How do you transition from training and Toastmasters to the wonderful world of getting paid as a speaker?Darren changes the way you think about becoming a motivational speaker, and gives you a plan so you can take those all important first steps yourself.

If you seriously want to become a motivational speaker, whether for pay or not, I recommend you get hold of these audios. The price is nothing to pay for info of this quality, and it'll help you build more confidence knowing you've been given some tips by the best in the world!

I hope to hear you soon!

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