Anxiety Public Speaking

Would you believe that "anxiety public speaking" is a phrase that a lot of people type into the search engines?

It really got me thinking about what's going on for someone who goes looking for information on that topic.

If that's you then please read the whole page - it has the simple truth that will literally set you free of these feelings for good.

First let's break the topic down. Leonardo said that "simplicity is genius" and being a simple man that makes me feel good :)


It's just a word but everyone sems to know it pretty well these days. The problem is we believe in it. The conventional wisdom (which I'm increasingly coming to believe is the most oxy-moronic thing I've ever heard) seems to be that we all have to feel anxious these days to one extent or another. Especially when it comes to "anxiety public speaking".

Let's see if that's true shall we? defines anxiety as:

distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune: "He felt anxiety about the possible loss of his job."

The first part is pretty straightforward. We can probably all relate to a bit of "distress or uneasiness of mind" when we think about an upcoming speech or when the boss calls on you in a meeting to offer your well considered opinion.

Likewise we'd probably all agree that those bad feelings are caused by fear of a bad outcome when we speak ... in other words we think there will be danger or misfortune. Probably not danger like a woman being nearly beaten to death by her alcoholic husband, or misfortune like picking through a rubbish heap every day in a big city slum for enough food to survive - but it's interesting how bad it can feel in the moment isn't it.

By the way I used that bit of gratuitous imagery to remind you that "danger and misfortune" are relative ideas and not absolute. One of the tricks the mind plays on you is to make you think that these things you are afraid of are real and absolute - so watch that one. The things you think you're afraid of are never real.

So if you'll allow me to be simple essence anxiety means ... bad feelings caused by an idea that something bad will happen.

And to bring it right into context as far as anxiety public speaking goes ... bad feelings caused by an idea that something bad will happen when I do public speaking.

And who wants bad feelings?

Probably not the person who typed "anxiety public speaking" into the search engine.

They want help.

Here it is.

How To Put An End To Anxiety Public Speaking

If you really get what I'm about to share with you then something almost miraculous will happen. Something you would have argued was absolutely impossible.

You won't ever be afraid of public speaking again.

First let me tell you about a briliant story I read in abook by Dr Richard Carlson who has a PhD in psychology and is a best selling author.

It's a story about a couple who'd been unhappily married for 32 years. You might know of a marriage like theirs - almost constant irritation, ongoing arguments that never get resolved. Basically every day is pretty miserable for both of them and it keeps getting grindingly worse every day, week, month that drags heavily by.

Now let me ask you a question. Given that they both say the 'love' feels like it disappeared a long time ago - what do you think happens next?

I bet you a chocolate fish that you didn't answer like this:

All of a sudden, one day, at the same time they both had a sudden shift in their consciousness. All of the anger, irritation and conflict dissappeared and the love they once had for each other came back as if it hadn't ever gone away. In short all of their bad feelings disappeared. From then on they were a happily married couple.

Would you like to know what happened?

They found out he had cancer.


Breathe deeply a few times.

I hear the word 'awesome' way too much these days and normally applied to things that are anything but.

I am in awe of what happened to this couple and it's one of the things that's helped me turn my own life around.

Just think what most people would have prescribed for them. Divorce. Years of counselling. Thousands of dollars. So much wasted energy.

And then along comes an event that most people would believe is very bad - a life threatening tumor in his body - and because of it their lives together are saved ... in an instant.

The exciting part of all this is that you can save yourself from anxiety public speaking (or any other fear) in exactly the same way.

No I'm not suggesting you need to go out and irradiate yourself so you get cancer!

It wasn't the cancer that saved their marriage.

What saved them was the realization that nothing from their past mattered anymore. The realization that the need right in front of them had to be taken care of.

What saved them was insight. Sudden, shocking, inspirational and, best of all, permanent.

To free yourself of the fear or anxiety public speaking you must do the same.

Here are some words that I hope will point you to your own change of heart. Maybe these words will be enough or maybe you'll need to read more of the pages on this site, or do some of the exercises. Whatever happens keep looking for your own flash of realization and it will come. The story of the couple shows that it's possible to have a change of heart even in the most hopeless situations.

Some Simple Truth

You aren't really afraid of public speaking

There is no thing to be afraid of, but the fearful person is afraid of everything

If you're anxious about public're wrong

When you find out where you went wrong ... you're free

The person who knows themselves, knows no fear

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